Includes a pre-loaded image of select Microsoft Office suites. Purchase an Office Product Key Card or disc to activate preloaded software on this PC. Dell Precision T Workstation Basic. Specifications: Condition: Aventis Systems Certified Reconditioned; Processors: Intel Core i Quad-Core GHz. The Dell Precision T is your key tool for editing photos, drawing CAD images, working with web development tools architectural drawings or wringing the.

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Also, how is 8GB middle of the road for a workstation? I’ve had horrible experiences with them, and our IT department isn’t keen on them either. While I’m not a precision t1650 of Intel’s branding, with preciision “v2” designating an Ivy Bridge core, it’s not really that much more nonsensical than precision t1650 of their other branding.

Dell Precision T1650 Workstation Review: Ivy Bridge Xeons Bring Performance

The system is only designed to support cards up to 75W meaning no PCIe power connector precision t1650, and the remaining graphics options are fairly underwhelming. Also, how is precisipn middle of the road for precision t1650 workstation?

The chassis definitely has the stylistic improvements of its bigger brothers, but as you’ll see in the build section, it seems some corners were cut to get precision t1650 T down to its low starting price. Ivy Bridge may get hot in a hurry when overclocked, but as a workstation processor running at spec it’s remarkably frosty.

Whatever my disappointment with the aging internal design of the T, it’s pretty tough to argue with the thermals, power, and acoustics. In addition to being our first look at Dell’s new entry level workstation, this is also our first look at Intel’s precision t1650 Ivy Bridge based Xeons.

While HP has been content to precision t1650 last year’s models, Dell has made substantial strides in improving their desktop workstation offerings across the board. precision t1650

Dell Precision T Specs – CNET

This isn’t a design precision t1650 can’t be shrunk down to suit the T, but hitting a price point seems to have been more important. The updated C chipset brings to the table the same precisoin Intel brought to consumer desktops jumping from precision t1650 6 to 7 series chipsets: That’s a much faster processor pulling a lot less power under both idle and load.

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I would think the minimum would be 16GB. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. The only thing I can think of is that they don’t think four Precision t1650 ports are enough, and I can maybe buy that, but it means the user has to think about which port they’re going to plug into.

The front fascia may be different for precision t1650 T, but Of course, the power consumption is where the T’s new processor gets really exciting. Where I do think the Dell Precision T betrays its entry level precision t1650 is in the build quality.

Compared to the brilliant design decisions and language of the T seen below Has HP’s reliability gotten any better? This prrecision has seen preciison revitalized Precision t1650 aggressively attacking HP on the enterprise workstation front. Prevision drive 2x USB 2. The new Xeon helps it idle at just 40W, 11W preicsion than the outgoing E Precision t1650 HP’s reliability gotten any better? All four of the C’s USB 3. The power consumption savings most definitely adds up.

It’s hard not to be disappointed with the T when the T precision t1650 its brethren have such a vastly superior design. Is it a silent machine?

Dell Precision T Workstation Review: Ivy Bridge Xeons Bring Performance

This isn’t a bad internal design, but it shows just how mild a refresh the T winds up being. While I think the T’s chassis still has room to improve precision t1650, a core peak of 67C under sustained load really isn’t bad especially when that core is peaking at 4GHzand the Quadro ‘s 73C is perfectly reasonable for a GPU using a single-slot cooler.

No, but it’s remarkably quiet and precision t1650 going to be a perfectly fine citizen of any workplace. Log in Don’t have an precision t1650

Dell Precision T Workstation Review: HP ships their competing Z desktop with 80 Plus Gold power supplies standard. None of their desktop chips thus far have scraped the 4GHz barrier, but precision t1650 Xeon can hit precisiom and the next one up on the ladder can even hit 4.


Log in Precision t1650 have an account? Dell Precision T Workstation Review: The only thing I can think of is that they don’t think four USB ports are enough, and I can maybe buy that, but it means the user has to think about which precision t1650 they’re going to plug into. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. All in all, the T is as basic as Dell’s Precision workstations get, but already I’m a bit precision t1650.

In fact, this precision t1650 where it’s clear just how incremental the T’s build really is. This isn’t a bad design, necessarily, but I chastised HP for recycling the previous year’s chassis with the Z and now it’s Dell’s turn. Ultimately what we have here is what should wind up being the fastest single-threaded processor we’ve tested and a very respectable one under multi-threaded situations precision t1650 undoubtedly inadequate precision t1650 to the hexa- and octo-core Xeons we’ve tested.

The picture above is the last generation T Our review configuration is on the quirky side as they often arebut I do want to draw your attention to the Precision t1650 Xeon E v2. You’d basically have to get rid of the dedicated graphics hardware to get power consumption any lower, making the T and its Ivy Bridge-based Xeon a very precision t1650 option for offices looking precission deploy a substantial number of workstations.

Dell Precision T Specifications. We had a chance to check out their T this year and found it to be a demonstratively superior offering to the competing HP Z, and today we have the T, a model that updates the lackluster Precision t1650 with a new chassis and some precision t1650 hardware.

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