16 May In this post we look at how to use ArcGlobe for 3D visualisations of large areas. One benefit of using GIS is the creation of 3D visualisations. 3D Graphics toolbar: ○ Points, lines, polygons digitization. ○ Apply 3D symbology to the graphical elements. KML (ArcGlobe). ○ Import KML data, with the. 20 Jun Open ArcGlobe. 2. Import a background image such as the ESRI World Imagery layer. 3. The tutorial “Finding Digital Elevation Maps (DEMs) for.

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To zoom in, right-click-hold and drag the mouse down towards you — arcglobe tutorial to zoom out. The Table of Contents has three sets of layers turned on by default: Running the application over remote desktop. Click on the map and move the mouse up. Most of your data arcglobe tutorial within one square mile around a group of oil wells.

An ArcGlobe Tutorial | GIS Blog

Floating layers are layers on the globe but not attached to the surface in the arcglobe tutorial files they give examples of airplanes and clouds…. Many of the tools should look familiar though some are new: ArcScene arcglobe tutorial the best choice for these reasons:. Holding down the left mouse button lets you change the tutorlal.

Clicking on the record button allows a flythrough animation to be recorded. All data added to an empty ArcGlobe arcglobe tutorial is projected on the fly to this coordinate system.

The recording arclobe be saved from the animation toolbar as a file that tutorkal be played back in ArcGlobe. Toggle between the modes with the mode button: This is a nice way to demonstrate how viewsheds are driven by topography. If you click the checkmark for displaying the elevation layer on and off arcglobe tutorial, and the elevation is high enough, you will be able to see the area move as the elevation data is applied.

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Stereo viewing is a great way to enhance the 3D visualization experience. This application is generally designed to arcglobe tutorial used with very large datasets and allows for seamless visualization of both raster arcglobe tutorial feature data. In ArcScene, vectors remain in their native format and can float independently of the raster surface.

You also have a TIN for elevation relief. As a result, Esri has disabled the ability to run ArcGlobe over remote desktop. This allows for fast display and visualization as you zoom in and out, pan around, arcglobe tutorial navigate to different places in your ArcGlobe document. I get this screen first:. These are the navigation control buttons. ArcGlobe is the best choice because of the following:. arcglobe tutorial

All data is loaded into memory, which allows arcglobe tutorial relatively fast navigation, pan, and zoom functionality. The first window I get arcgglobe adding the data is this one:.

This is a sampling arcglobe tutorial some of the more significant functional differences between ArcGlobe and ArcScene. Tutorrial a 3-D map in ArcGlobe To create 3d visualization that allows you to fly through the terrain and simulate the image that an actual observer on the ground will see, use ArcGlobe. This example uses files from the Grand Canyon area. You also have a raster DEM for about 10 square miles arcglobe tutorial the wells.


Exercise 6: ArcGlobe Basics

Supported for rasterized layers. All the geoprocessing tools are available in both applications.

Annotation features cannot be displayed in ArcScene. The background will tilt. Floating, Draped and Elevation layers. It is similar to Google Earth but allows you to import high resolution elevation maps and drap any desired ground image or arcglobe tutorial on the surface. I arcglobe tutorial accept this and click Finish.

Globe recongises this as a raster layer and anticipates that I might be adding my own DEM.

Working with ArcGlobe and ArcScene

ArcGlobe will ask if this file contains arcgllobe background image arcglboe elevation data. Import the data file. You also have vector data for the fire road network and streams. We can use this to set features to real-world arcglobe tutorial if we want. If you attempt arcglobe tutorial launch ArcGlobe or any other Globe Control based application, such as ArcGIS Explorer or ArcReader through remote desktop, you will receive arcglobe tutorial pop-up notification that this ability has been disabled.

Supported, but not recommended. For elevation data, you have a number arcglobe tutorial tiled DEM rasters that cover the entire county. You have raster data for elevation, vegetation type, and fire risk. At first the global mode is set and you can pan around much like arcglobe tutorial would in ArcMap with a view looking straight down at the ground.